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April 13, 2022

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I hope you are enjoying the new spring flowers coming up, the short rains we have had and the fresh new spring feeling in the air.
I recently have driven around to many smaller communities within different states. It was easy to tell (what seem to me as an outsider) the places that felt inviting and welcoming compared to the places I didn’t want to spend time even to stop for gas. What was the difference? The communities that felt inviting were clean, landscaped, with buildings that were painted and looked nice. Not every place has sidewalks or even amenities I could find but most of the businesses and homes were clean and landscaped.
People that come into our communities will judge us. If they like our community, they feel comfortable and welcomed by the local people, they might decide to return. Many new business owners expand or relocate your business on the feelings they receive when traveling.
Mohave County has some wonderful places that have the same feeling. We are friendly and welcoming, but it is nice to have a reminder. It is now springtime and a good time to re-evaluate our homes, cities, and towns. It is a great time to create new relationships and volunteer groups to clean up our community shared areas. It is a great time to get to know our neighbors and have block parties or go out and invite your neighbors to a community event. It is time to clean up our yards, brighten our area with fresh paint, flowers or flags, Even though we do well, we can always do a little more. I know I, also need to try harder to be more friendly and reach out more to my neighbors.
This April, I hope we will each all set new goals as a business, non-profit and personally to freshen up our community and our lives. As we each look for something new, we will find more happiness, new friends and our communities will grow.

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