Laughlin River Regatta Refutes Tribe Statement

Published by The Bee News

July 28, 2018

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LAUGHLIN—A press release issued by the Fort Mojave Tribe late Friday reportedly stated the Laughlin River Regatta’s announcement earlier this month that they received the “green light” for the August float was premature. 

However, a short time ago the Laughlin River Regatta’s Facebook page made the following statement in reference to the FMIT’s release: 

“Attention Floaters! There has been some #fakenews regarding our permit. The Ft. Mohave Tribe has published a false statement saying that we did not receive our permit…We will see you all on August 11th, 2018!”

The Laughlin River Regatta attached their approval permit and the FMIT’s press release to their page along with the posting. 

The permit, stamped July 13, states it is a conditional marine event permit and is granted subject to applicants commitment to meet any other conditions that may be imposed as a result of ongoing examination under the National Historic Preservation Act. The NHPA process has not been completed yet. 

The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe said in their statement that no finalized permit was issued as of July 25 by the USGC. 

“No final permits have been issued or final agency action taken by the United States Coast Guard for the proposed Regatta,” noted the release. 

Furthermore, the release states that any statements to the contrary have been made without authority of the law. 

The FMIT also points out the section of the NHPA as why the permit is only defined as conditional at this time. 

In a comment to a potential floater, the Laughlin River Regatta stated they had their permit and if anything regarding permitting did arise all participants would be issued a full refund. 

The Bee will continue to follow up on any developing information regarding this issue.

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  1. WOW!
    Just WOW!

  2. No signature on that supposed document from the Tribe!

    I call FAKE NEWS!

    Some Locals chill out LOL!

    Copied partial text from a friend!
    Very well written! Hope they don’t mind.

    River clean up starts with the locals. When the parks are free of trash year round we can start pointing fingers at weekend visitors. Do you know what solves nothing? A bad attitude.

    2 weeks ago my husband and I were behind a large SUV with plumes of black exhaust billowing out the tail pipe. There was a huge sticker on the back that said, “F…. THE REGATTA, TRASH YOUR OWN CITY.” The best part? The woman driving had a car full of children. She was smoking a cigarette.. As the light turned green, she tossed her lit cigarette out the window.

    So, I ask you… How is this helpful to your local environment and where did she think that cigarette butt might end up? The river, perhaps?

    Self awareness like, it’s a real thing. Trash is never ok but let’s stop blaming our tourists (they equal revenue) and start with our own community.. If you are going to put that sticker on your car, try not to be part of the problem.

    So let’s do an environmental study on the Power boats and Jet Skies gas and oil in the river as well as their trash and the Tribes pesticide use all year long. Don’t get me started on some of the locals!

    Guess what? Marnell Gaming is contributing $100k extra clean up money for all year which has never been done ✅ before.

  3. People make plans and reservations in advance for big events like this. It isn’t fair to pull the plug so close to the event.
    Who’s in charge here?

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