Letter to the Editor : Urge to contact local legislators in support of HB 2781

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March 24, 2022

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Arizona House Bill 2781 was introduced on Feb. 8, 2022 by Rep. Justin Wilmeth. This is an expansion of the current cottage food law and would remove the time and temperature restrictions currently in place. Essentially, it would replace the current cottage food law with a food freedom law which would allow many types of perishable foods to be prepared in approved residential kitchens. There is one person, Ryan Patrece, who is against the bill. You can view the bill at the link below. https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/BillOverview/77850
I would urge you to reach out to your legislators with your own talking points and respectfully ask for their yes votes as well as their encouragement to fellow elected officials to also give a yes vote to this incredibly important bill. It can make the difference for those of us operating under the current restricted cottage law. See my talking points below and thank you for your time. Sheri Shaw – Pitchfork Pantry – Pitchfork Farmers Market Share your own reasons why this bill should be amended.
Talking points: For example:
Talking point 1: My baked goods have no preservatives and additives unlike commercially made products. As an owner of a bakery and farmers’ market, customers are more demanding and choosy to promote their own good health. We, cottage bakers, can provide quality foods on a smaller scale as well as fill custom requests per customers dietary needs. Having to resort to using nondairy products is unhealthy and just doesn’t have the good flavor as with dairy products. A yes vote from you allows those of us operating under the current cottage law the ability to use healthier ingredients in our recipes.
Talking point 2: There are no commercial kitchens in my area in which I can obtain a commissary agreement where I can prepare and package potentially hazardous food items. With a yes vote, this would allow me the ability to prepare and package potentially hazardous food items from my approved residential kitchen.
Talking point 3: I would have the ability to offer a more unique, specialized and expanded menu to the citizens in the area in which I live. For example, being from Louisiana, I am a chef and have specialty in not only pastry but also cajun/creole cuisine. The current cottage law restricts my ability to prepare savories from my residential kitchen. Your yes vote can change that.
My elected Legislators are in District 5 below. You can search for your elected Legislators at: https://www.azleg.gov/findmylegislator/
Leo Biasiucci
Regina Cobb
Sonny Borrelli

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